American Idol Top Three (3)…..

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I will admit that I, at one point in my life, was a lover of American Idol.  However, for the 2010 season, last week was the first week that I have tuned in.  Watching them perform this evening, there was one thing that really stood out to me – the call in numbers given to the contestants.  Most people would think their singing abilities, or song choices would stand out, but as a Numerologist, it was the numbers – go figure! 

Now, there is no real or specific numerological calculation that could be derived to determine a winner without knowing their given name at birth and birthdates, and frankly, I have not done my due diligence in researching that information.  However, this week each of the contestants were given 3 numbers in which to call in and vote for them to continue into the next round.  The only difference between those numbers, was the last digit in which one is to dial, and THAT is what I found interesting!  Let’s face it, they have been using this same 1-800 or 1-877 number since Kelly Clarkson won back in 1997 or whatever, so that in and of itself is not that important.  It is pretty generic, and doesn’t mean much.  The first contestant to sing, Casey James, was given 01, 04 and 07.  The second contestant to sing, Crystal Bowersox, was given 02, 05 and 08.  The third contestant to sing, Lee DeWyze, was given, 03, 06 and 09.  These are the numbers that I found so interesting.  So let’s look at THESE numbers.

Casey James was given 1, 4 and 7.  These numbers are not compatible what so ever!  The one is all about independence and a pioneering spirit.  The four is all about structure and hard work.  The seven is all about research and analysis and the occult.  Not a good mix if you ask me. 

Crystal Bowersox was given 2, 5 and 8.  Better than poor Casey.  The two is about balance and cooperation.  The five is about freedom and change.  The eight is a tricky number all together, and relates to money and power.  Not a great mix, but they work together better than the 1, 4 and 7 when looking at the series working with each other.

Lee DeWyze (I wish it was pronounced Lee DEE-WEEZY) was given 3, 6 and 9.  These numbers work like harmony with each other.  The three is creative and musical, the six is harmonious and healing and the nine is compassionate and emotional.  This trio is the best possible series of numbers one could get! 

Now, the brief one or two word description I gave each of the numbers does not even begin to describe the energies carried with the given numbers.  There is so much more that I could go into, but that is not what this blog post is about.  I would like to give my prediction on who will go on to the next round and who will “go home” tomorrow night, based upon the numbers given to them by American Idol.  So here it is:

Lee DeWyze will go on, he totally ROCKED it!  I loved both of the songs he sang, and he is totally going on to the finally!  Not just because he was so awesome, but because he was given the best possible series of numbers.

Crystal Bowersox has a unique voice, and the song that Ellen DeGeneres picked for her could not have been better!  Casey James is sexy and sounds like butter!  But neither of them had a series of numbers that could compare to the 3, 6, 9 that was given to Mr. DeWyze.  So who do I think is going on to the next round along with Lee?  Hmm…..

Casey having the series of 1, 4 and 7 has a struggle between self (1), application (4) and perfection (7).  These are some very hard energies to try to bring together successfully under a high amount of stress, with millions of people watching none the less.  Crystal has the 2, 5 and 8 series where she has to mold together sensitivity (2), versatility (5) and strength (8), three characteristics that are easier for a woman to accomplish than a man, in my opinion. 

Because of this, I think Crystal will be the one to go on to next week along with Mr. DeWyze.   So, there you have it.  Mr. James, although very handsome, I am afraid will go home.  Ms. Bowersox and Mr. DeWyze will go on to compete for the final American Idol 2010 title and hopefully a hit album to boot! 

I may be wrong on this, and I may be right.  I guess tomorrow we will find out.  Perhaps next week I will try to determine the winner from the numbers…..


Everything Changes….

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Everything changes, nothing stays the same. 

On my way to my Friday morning meeting, I was upset about a current situation.  And then I realized that it is exactly just that, a current situation.  Everything is in a constant state of motion, and just because something is one way today, it doesn’t mean that it will stay that way.  In fact, it will never stay that way.  Tomorrow it will be a little different, and next week it will be totally different.  Come next year, I will hardly remember my current situation.  I will have another current situation that I will be working on.  I intend for that one to be better than this one.

I have decided that I am going to change my current situation.  It is going to change regardless, but I have decided that I am going to be part of that change.  It is all energy, and energy can change at the drop of a hat.  With one smile, you can change the day of a stranger, and you can even change your own day.  So I am going to smile.  Negative energy has a hard time lingering in a positive environment.  I am not going to cry, I am not going to be angry and upset.  I am going to recognize it, and smile.  Create positive energy, so all of that negativity will have to go off to someplace else!  I also have the ability to neutralize energy, so any angry bits left over don’t stand a chance.

People often get so wrapped up in what is going on, myself included, that we forget that it is only temporary.  Sometimes we just need to take a minute, step back and look, take note of how we feel, and start thinking about what we do want.  Having an unpleasant situation is only an indication that things need to change, so we need to identify what it is that is so unpleasant and figure out how to go about changing it.  Sometimes it is as easy as just smiling and being in amusement, other times it is not as easy and we need to make some drastic changes, such as quitting a job, ending a relationship or deciding to finally kick that bad habit.  Never the less, knowing is half the battle, and taking steps to improve can only be of benefit.

Everything is in a constant state of movement, you just have to know how to move in the right direction.  It may not be easy, but it’s a start.

We Really Do Get What We Want….

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The whole manifestation/Law of Attraction thing has been really big for me recently.  It started a couple weeks ago when I was sitting at my desk and noticed a book on my bookshelf.  I have had this book for about 5 or 6 years, I read it when I first got it and never looked through it again, until the other day.  It is a book about the Law of Attraction and it is specific to attracting a job or business that you want.  I was so enthralled with it that day, I almost read the whole book!  I think it took me another day or two to finish it.  After I picked up that book it all started.  Within a couple of days, my good friend Vickie started talking about the Law of Attraction and a new method she recently started using to attract new students and clients.  A few days later my boyfriend rented that movie “What the Bleep do we Know.”  Great movie explaining how it all works!  The mind is such a powerful thing!!!

As soon as I picked up that book, I was being flooded by all of this information coming from different directions.  I was really trying to work on putting together some intentions for my Numerology practice, trying to figure out exactly what I wanted out of it and getting it all down on paper.  At my desk, I have a mirror that is attached to the wall in front of me, and when there is a task that needs to be done, I write it on a stickey note and stick it to the mirror.  When I am done with that task, the stickey note goes in the trash.  For days I had a “Numerology Intentions” stickey note stuck to the mirror covering up my left ear.  After what happened yesterday, I was finally able to put that stickey note in the trash.

Yesterday, I began to outline some of my intentions, but something wasn’t right, the focus of my intentions was off, and I wasn’t even sure where I was going wrong.  I didn’t get a chance to really meditate on it, because I had to get ready and go to the MIND BODY SOUL Experience.  It is a relatively new gig I am doing with a handful of other women, and in some aspects yesterday was a failure.  I didn’t do one Numerology report, and we only had two clients come in, and neither one of them wanted their numbers done!  I didn’t make any money, but I got a wealth of inspiration to complete my intentions. 

Myself and three other women sat down, talked about the MIND BODY SOUL Experience, brainstormed about what the intentions were, and explained what we each one of us wanted when we first started.  Funny thing, we realized that we all got exactly what we wanted!  Leesa wanted to bring a group of spiritual practitioners together and form the MIND BODY SOUL Experience – well that happened.  Vickie wanted to grow her business, and that happened, she picked up new clients and new students.  Debbie wanted to step into her own power as a life coach, she not only stepped into her own power, she has embraced it more than she thought she would.  I wanted to step into my power as a Numerologist and not be nervous to sit next to a new client I have never met before and do their Numerology report right in front of them!  I got what I wanted!  I am not nervous anymore, in fact I am excited to share with them the magic of their numbers and explain how I go about putting together their chart and exactly what it means!

On one hand, it seemed as if the MIND BODY SOUL Experience wasn’t a success, but when we really looked at it, it was a total success!  We all got what we wanted, but the group as a whole was being neglected.  So, we had some work to do.  We had to really look at what we wanted the group to do for us, and from there, we had to figure out what we wanted the intention of the MIND BODY SOUL Experience to be.  It took us a couple of hours, but we got it!  We decided that we want the MIND BODY SOUL Experience to be one of many mechanisms we all can use to build our businesses.  We wanted to be a group of women who are there to support and educate each other as well as create a spiritual experience for the general public to learn about our individual modalities and sample our services.  In the beginning, that is what it was set out to be, but we all had different intentions. 

When I left and headed home for the evening, I realized I received a much more clear vision of what I wanted out of my intentions.  At first, I was so focused on my Numerology practice that all of my intentions were geared towards that, but when I really looked at what I wanted, I realized that I was leaving out my business!  I was leaving out the Modern Intuitive!  That is who I am, and that is where my intentions needed to be!  They didn’t need to be focused solely on my Numerology practice, they needed to be focused on my Modern Intuitive business practice!

With the MIND BODY SOUL Experiment Experience, we knew what we wanted it to be, but our intentions didn’t line up.  As individuals, we got what we wanted, but we negected the MIND BODY SOUL Experience and it didn’t perform.  Had I finalized my Numerology intentions, my Modern Intuitive would have been neglected.  I am not just a Numerologist, I am the Modern Intuitive.  I want to inspire my clients through the magic of numbers, my intuition and the joy and passion I have for being the Modern Intuitive.  And that feels pretty good!

How To Be Foot Loose and Fancy Free…

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Yesterday I received some of the most wonderful news in the world that just inspired me!  One of my clostest friends purchased a plane ticket to come visit me!  Now, it wasn’t just the fact that she is going to be here for an extended weekend – Thursday to Tuesday.  And it wasn’t just the fact that her trip leaves us a few days to get out of the city and down into the beauty of Southern Utah’s red rocks and desert.  Nor was it the fact that this will be happening in April, a beautiful time of year here!  It was the fact that she woke up that morning with the words “Enchanted April” singing through her heart and soul!

For months, my dear friend’s heart was crying out to her.  Although she heard it, she chose to keep that door closed and be practical and mature, she chose to live in safety instead of in faith.  A decision that, as adults (young adults that is), is almost in-grained in our minds.  Our parents and society want us to have good jobs, with salaries and benefits, security so we can save up and buy houses and find husbands and have children.  That is the right thing to do….right?  Well, no, not so much.  It may be right for some people, but not for exceptional young ladies like her….and myself.  Not for young ladies who have hearts that sing with the thought of being foot loose and fancy free!

My friend with the singing heart has a wonderful job, she is nicely paid, has excellent benefits and job security.  A few things that are not too easy to find in today’s economy.  What her job did not provide her, was the chance to be creative and fabulous and have a sense of happiness in her heart and soul.  Things that are very important to free spirited young ladies!  So this incredible woman decided to fulfill our New Years agreement of being FEARLESS!!!!  She booked a flight to San Franscisco to visit a friend, with the plans of heading to Sacramento after a few days to visit with another friend and another plane ticket to Salt Lake City to visit ME!  Then a final return flight back to her current place of residence.  Yes, about two weeks worth of traveling to see friends, drink wine, eat fabulously delicious meals, laugh, cry and talk until the sun comes up.  That is what girls do when they don’t get to see each other on a regular basis, at least that is what me and my friend do. 

Sounds absolutely fantastic, doesn’t it?  There was a small catch for this enigmatic young woman….in order to do this she would have to quit her job.  That one with the nice salary and great benefits.  CLICK, CLICK, CLICK and DONE!  Print Boarding Pass – CLICK, Print Boarding Pass – CLICK, Print Boarding Pass – CLICK.  Done. 

Yes, my friend will soon be submitting her letter of resignation.  She will soon be boarding flights to visit friends, drink wine, eat fabulously delicious meals, laugh, cry and talk until the sun comes up.  When she returns to her current place of residence, she will be packing up her belongings, putting them in the trunk of her car and leaving.  She has an idea of where she will be heading, and has all the faith in the world that she will find a job that will give her all of the things her “great job” did not provide her with.  Security, salary and benefits were thrown out the window – they needed to be in order to open up the door to her heart. 

In life it is absolutely imparitive to follow our hearts, and sometimes we have get out from under our security blankets, close our eyes and jump knowing we will land on our feet or grow wings and fly.  I know my friend will grow wings.  It is hard to walk when you are foot loose and fancy free.

KARMA! Is it what you think it is?

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Karma – we all have it!  It is not good or bad, it just is. 

It’s like that Alicia Keys song….”What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down….” and you get the idea.  There are so many mis-conceptions of karma.  Many people think if someone does something bad to another, they get bad karma, and that is not necessarily true.  Given, that person may very well experience the same thing done unto them at some point in their life or in the next life.  Or, what most people don’t know or realize, is that there is just as good of a chance that they have already experienced the wrong doing in a previous life, and so they decided to be on the other end  – and there is a good chance it is with the same soul who took the brunt of the action this time around.  That is one way of many ways karma works.

It is best to understand karma like a bank account.  The good deeds are like putting money in, the bad deeds are like taking money out.  Just like your bank account, you would prefer to have money in the account rather than having a debt in there.  However, you would be surprised how many people who are seemingly good-hearted, have some debt in there karma accounts.

There are various types of karma, and I discussed one already – the “you did it to me, so I get to do it to you” karma.  That one can lead to a karmic circle that people, or souls, get stuck in and cannot get out of.  You did it to me, I did it to you, you did it to me again, so I do it to you again and so on and so on through lifetimes upon lifetimes.  (If you don’t understand why they call it a karmic circle, just stop reading right now because I have lost you and I am not sending out a search party.)  We have all been there at one point of our existence or another, we continue to come back with the same soul and play out the same thing.  It may be a brother/sister relationship one lifetime than husband/wife relationship the next time, then student/teacher, then friend/frienemey and so on.  It may take 10 lifetimes to make it out of the circle, or it may take 1,000 lifetimes – I guess that would be determined by how wise the souls are and how long it is going to take them to forgive each other and realize that there is so much more out there to learn and experience.

The other type of karma I want to discuss is general karma, well, that is what I am going to call it here.  In Numerology, it is identified in charts as Karmic Debts and there are 4 kinds.   This type of karma doesn’t come from one situation or wrong doing, but multiple situations and wrong doings over a span of many lifetimes.  To compare it to our analogy of the bank account, it is like those people who decided to re-finance their home over and over again taking out more and more money while charging their soy lattes until the AMEX is maxed out and driving a new BMW with a $600 monthly payment and a $27,000 annual salary.  Okay, it is not exactly like that, but you get the idea – they are in DEBT!!! 

One type of Karmic Debt is Abuse of Power and is seen as a 19 in a Numerology Chart.  This means that a person or soul has abused power in a number of lifetimes, perhaps they were slave traders, or owned a large corporation and didn’t value their employees.  There is a number of ways they could have abused their power and when they finally decide as a soul to make due on their past wrong doings, well, it is going to be an uphill climb for them.  They may find themselves in abusive relationships where they are not allowed to go anywhere or do anything without consent from their partner.  They may find themselves with a parent who doesn’t allow them to go and play with their friends like all the other kids and instead stay home doing chores or taking care of their siblings.  A person with this kind of Karmic Debt will have a hard time trying to stand on their own feet and make their two cents heard, yet still resist a helping hand from a friend.  Their lesson is to learn independence and the proper use of their power.

These are just a couple of examples of how karma plays out in life.  It would take much more than one blog post to fully explain the intricacies of karma, hell it takes more than a lifetime!  So, there you have it!  A little bit of Karmic Awareness.  Was it what you thought it was?

Numerology….A Brief History

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Lets start with Pythagoras: Greek philosopher, mathematician, mystic and scientist.  He is considered the Father of Math.  Remember the Pythagorean theorem from geometry class?  Trying to figure the length of a side of a right triangle?  The Babylonians had their hand in it as well, however our dear friend Pythagoras was credited with it, although not proved until after he passed.  He contributed greatly to, not onlnumerology2y modern day mathematics, but astrology, music, philosophy, science and of course….NUMEROLOGY! 

“Know thyself, then thou shalt know the universe and God” was his constitution.  The only requirement to be a student of this great teacher, was a deep and sincere longing to learn and discover the meaning of life and of love through personal independence, and to help free the soul of religious and political confinements.  A great man if you ask me!

Pythagoras developed the concept that every number, no matter how large or how many digits, can always be reduced down to one single digit and each single digit 1-9 has a specific vibrational frequency, or energy, as I often refer to it.  Our favorite Greek philosopher believed that numbers are the measure of form and energy in the world and that the numbers 1 through 9 are symbolic representations of stages in the human life cycle. 

Lets now go forward to the early 1900’s.  Mrs. L. Dow Balliett, who was a very influential speaker in the New Age Thought Movement, took on Pythagoras’ theories and is credited with bringing Numerology to the Western world.  Her teachings were spiritual in nature, and focused on allowing people to realize themselves as divine beings.  Being the enigmatic woman that she was, she became a profound influence over many including a Dr. Julia Seton, who is the mother of Dr. Juno Jordan.  Now, Dr. Julia Seton is responsible for turning the “study of numbers” into what we call it today….NUMEROLOGY!

Now let’s go to Dr. Juno Jordan, daughter of Dr. Julia Seton, and The California Institute of Numerical Research.  Dr. Juno Jordan graduated from the Denver Dental College in 1905…..yes, she was a dentist…..but she took more towards the spiritual side studying the occult and metaphysics and making strides in bringing Numerology to a more respected study in the Western world.  She created the California Institute of Numerical Research, and along with a group of women, researched and studied every aspect of Numerology.  For 25 years, Dr. Juno Jordan and her colleagues got together weekly to test, prove and dis-prove every phase of the science of names and numbers. 

Every respected numerologist today has their studies and work based upon the information these women of the California Institute of Numerical Research have found and proved.  Most notably, Dr. Juno Jordan, who continued on teaching and writing about Numerology until she passed in 1984, just short of her 100th birthday.

These are not only the leaders in the field of Numerology, but they have helped define and shape the beautiful science behind names and numbers.  This amazing concept helps people have a better understanding of who they are and the kind of life they have to live. 

It is a science, it is an art and it is an honor to study, teach and help others with this astounding practice.  If you would like a Numerology chart made for yourself or someone you know, please contact me through my website


Welcome to Modern Intuitive…

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I have decided to set up a new blog!  modernblogearth

Here it is!  This is not going to be a personal blog, it is intended to be more of an informational blog, but of course, written in my own unique style!  I will be posting articles and information relating to what I do.  If you would like to know more about what I do….visit my website at!  I will also be highlighting events in the greater Salt Lake Area that I am involved with. 

So, I hope you enjoy the information that I will be posting.